Spa Schools FAQs

1) Any other information that you think we need in order to successfully present the Spa course?

Clearly knowing the contents of the Spa syllabus is very important, as it covers subject matter, procedures, practical and theory requirements and includes a Spa Glossary which should be expanded on by each school in their own theory component.

2) Are there any prescribed books/resources?

The Spa Book by Jane Crebbin-Bailey, Dr John Harcup and John Harrington plus: Erica Miller’s Day Spa techniques ISBN 1-56253-261-8 Erica Miller’s Day Spa operations ISBN 1-56253-255-3 The Spa encyclopedia ISBN1-56253-868-3 and the Internet

3) I am not sure what the correct maximum number of learners is that can be assessed at one time, as in the syllabus it refers to 10 in one place and 12 in another?
The maximum number per class for training should be 12. However the Examiner can only assess a maximum of 10 in one day.
Q: If you spend 30 minutes on the Spa treatment x 12 learners you will require 6 hours in the water area (at the spa), or should I divide them into 6 per day?

Six hours in the Spa is fine if it can be organized or six per day or part thereof.

4) Spa Occupational Health and Safety – can we just concentrate on the information in The Spa Book by Jane Crebbin-Bailey, Dr John Harcup and John Harrington?

Excellent books but other information should be sourced too.

5) We managed to arrange with one of the Spas that we work with to conduct the examination at their facilities, but we need to know exactly how much time we are going to spend in the facility in order for them to arrange their bookings?
Wet treatments will be done in the Spa and the other treatments in the college where applicable. The wet treatments will take approximately 2 hours for 6 students.
6) What exactly is meant by Spa terminology?

This is the Spa glossary and it is included in the back of the Spa Syllabus.

7) What if my CIDESCO school does not have Spa facilities and equipment?

After submission of appropriate floor plans photographs of Spa equipment, etc. from the outsourced Spa, CIDESCO may grant approval for Spa examinations to take place.

8) What resources must the provider have (in terms of equipment)?
At least access to a well-equipped Spa with wet room facilities if the School itself does not have these facilities. Students will need to have practical classes with the equipment as they will be tested in the examinations with part of the Practical exam needing to take place in the wet room facility. Schools must inform CIDESCO of the equipment they have in the school and photos of that equipment and all relevant information about that equipment should be sent to CIDESCO with the application.
9) What qualifications should a Spa teacher have?

At this stage it is preferable that the teacher conducting the Spa Diploma Course is conversant in Spa or at least has access to a Spa establishment & Spa staff for guidance, advice and assistance.

10) What do we need to do to obtain approval to present the Spa course?

You will need to contact CIDESCO head office for appropriate registration forms

11) When will Spa exams take place?
It is to be conducted after the Beauty therapy examinations as students MUST have passed the CIDESCO Diploma of Beauty Therapy prior to sitting the Spa examinations. The Beauty Therapy exams take place first then the Spa exams, Practical & Theory.
12) Which eastern therapies are you referring to?

Any Eastern Therapies like: Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Yoga, Ayurvedic Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage etc, etc.

13) Within the Eastern therapies section, are there specific treatments you have in mind or is it up to the school?

You can decide your own Eastern therapies; HOWEVER it must be an active therapy. The Spa therapist must be actively working/doing during all treatments.

14) You refer to a research paper on water supply – are there any further requirements for this research paper – how many words, references etc.? Is there any textbook you could advise for information?
The above books and local councils and local governments would have invaluable information. It is an assignment that is to be presented to the International Examiner in essay form & should include bibliography etc; a total research and writing time should take 6 hours, an anticipated 3,000 words is adequate.